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Need food or restaurant safety advice? Jeff Nelken is a leading expert in food safety for the restaurant and hospitality industries. He delivers the facts about the dangers and sometimes frightening realties of the food industry.

Invite Jeff Nelken on your show to share advice on hot issues like:

  • Is the Food You Buy Really Safe?
  • What You Don't Know About Canned Food That Could Hurt You
  • Dirty Kitchen Dangers and Other Secrets Restaurants Don't Want You To Know
  • What Else Are You Being Served at that All You Can Eat Buffet?
  • What Foods Safety Experts Avoid That Might Surprise You

Available for expert consultation for policy makers and organizational leaders and legal experts seeking guidance and testimony from a food safety expert.

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CREDENTIALS: Jeff Nelken is a food safety/HACCP expert who has worked with CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, INSIDE EDITION, and Dateline MSNBC’s investigation team, as well as restaurants, casinos, schools, supermarkets and food manufacturers. He coaches personnel to improve food safety awareness, through inspection and customized quality HACCP training programs. He is a certified trainer and provider with the Los Angeles Health Department Provider #15.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement and telephone

CONTACT: Jeff Nelken, 818-703-7147,,



As Seen on

USDA issues warning to Foster Farms regarding salmonella outbreak (click title to view story)
ABC 7 - Los Angeles CA, October 09, 2013

Gross-ceries at the 7th Street Market (click title to view story)
Dateline NBC-, March 25 2007

Contaminated: Produce Market Investigation
NBC4 11pm News, February 01 2007

How safe is your grocery store? (click title to view story)
Dateline NBC | NBC News Jan 22, 2006

Contamination in the Fields
CNN, Paula Zahn – Agro, September 19 2006

Spinach Ecoli Epidemic
CNN – Paula Zahn, September 15 2006

Hepatitis A Story
NBC 6pm News, June 28 2006

Is there a Hepatitis A epidemic in Los Angeles?
CBS2 11pm News, February 2 2006

Sushi Investigation
INSIDE EDITION –– February, 22, 2005

Produce from your Dumpster
INSIDE EDITION –– July, 23 2004

Special Investigations Unit with Joel Grover
NBC4, 2003-2004

Special Investigations Unit with Joel Grover
CBS2 -1999-2003

The Bacteria Zone
CBS2 Special Assignment/ Ana Garcia, February 10 2002

N.Y. Kitchen Violations


Frequent Radio Guest on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory

Food Contamination - Tips to Prevent Contamination from bacteria on produce
Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory, October 21 2010

Food Safety- Bacteria can be found in reused shopping bags, as well as on shopping carts
Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory, June 04 2009

Recall of salmonella-tainted cereal
Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory, April 14, 2008

Food Health discussed food health in homes & restaurants as well as the
recent contaminated peanut butter outbreak.

Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory, February 15, 2007

Websites Featured In

Food Issues Group Visits Sushi Chef Institute
March 11, 2014

You Found What In Your Soup March 3, 2014

Food Issues Group Meets With Sushi Chef
Institute to Discuss California Glove Law March 3, 2014

Student diet 101: Don't eat mold (click title to view story) August 11, 2009

China’s Food Deal Extends Its Reach, Already Mighty (click title to view story)
The New York Times, May 29 2013

Food Safety in Casino Restaurants (click title to view story)
Casino Enterprise Management, Jan 4 2012

Food Safety Checks & Balances (click title to view story)
Restaurant Hospitality, Jan 1, 2005


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