Food Safety Expert Witness

Are you a lawyer needing food safety expert witness in a trial?

Has someone experienced illness, disability, or even death because of negligence in your establishment?

Are you the family of someone who has suffered because of allergies, food borne illness, or other issues related to food safety?

Having the right expert can help you win your case. Because of Jeff's extensive training and experience in the fields of food safety and restaurant operations, Jeff Nelken is regularly called upon to consult as an expert witness for food safety related cases.

Jeff Nelken can serve as an expert witness for state and federal cases and have represented both plaintiffs and defendants.

As an expert witness, Jeff offers unbiased opinions, reports, testimony and consultation.

Jeff's Food Safety and Accident cases have included:

- Standards of Care
- Foreign Objects
- Foodborne Illness
- Equipment related issues
- Salmonella/Reiter's Disease
- Kitchen Accidents
- Ecoli 0157
- Campylobacter
- Burns
- Norovirus
- Guillain Bare Syndrome
- Slips and Trips
- Food Allergies
- Kitchen Training
- Policy and Procedures issues
- Good Manufacturing Practices
- Pest related issues
- Intentional Contamination

How it Works

First we will briefly speak to understand the circumstances regarding the case.

Next, once I agree to work on the case, I require a nonrefundable retainer prior to reviewing any documents or doing any work on a case.

When I begin work on the case, we will review what additional information is necessary to gather. Next we will develop a strategy or theory to solidify your position. Then we will verify that the standards of the industry were they being followed. Then I will attend the deposition or the court case in the event that the matter cannot be settled out of court.

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