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How do you know if the food your chef is preparing is safe?
Do you worry if your business will pass a health inspection?
Does your company have a plan in place if a food poisoning incident takes place?

Jeff Nelken is America’s most trusted food safety coach. He provides expert consulting and training to the food industry. His client list includes many of the nation’s top hospitality establishments including restaurants, hospitals, hotels, casinos, schools, supermarkets and food manufacturers.

A popular media guest, Jeff Nelken delivers the straight talk about the dirty secrets that lurk in restaurants, grocery stores, and right in your kitchen. Your audience will be shocked about what’s really in some foods and the surprising unsafe ways it can be prepared. (See Media Kit)

Looking for a speaker on How to Protect Your Reputation
Introducing Change in your Safety Culture?

Jeff Nelken shares his food safety expertise as an expert witness and as a consult to businesses and lawyers dealing with lawsuits for food safety related cases. As a certified trainer, Jeff is sought after for workshops that help you stay up to speed in a fast moving industry. His seminars are the most comprehensive programs available in areas of food safety training, HACCP and jurisdictional compliance with competency based education. (See Jeff’s Speaking Programs)

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The Food Safety Coach is open to partnering with companies that service restaurants, food distributors, and maintainance companys and are willing to offer my services as an added value program.

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The Food Safety Coach helps your business to:

  • master food safety practices with HACCP programs and training
  • engage in receiving and storing food safely
  • prepare and serve safe food
  • prevent accidents in the workplace
  • clean and sanitize the kitchen properly
  • implement effective pest management practices
  • boost employee performance
  • create a positive safety minded culture
  • increase profitability through efficient practices that make your restaurant run smoothly
  • develop a crisis response program
  • help your business pass inspection with flying colors

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